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Disc Sintered Ferrite Magnet for Electronics
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The current era is the era of electronics, there is no permanent magnet oxygen body there is no electronic industry, permanent magnet ferrite as a basic functional material of the electronics industry, has penetrated into all fields of human production and life. Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, televisions, stereos, computers, communication terminal, medical equipment and other aspects, it is an important aspect of energy development. From the point of view of resources, or from the perspective of energy and applications, the prospects for the development of permanent magnet ferrite are very broad, and the need to increase the amount of. Our 1995 permanent magnetic ferrite demand 4.5 million tons (pre sintered 5 million tons or so), 1997 demand 6-7 million tons (pre sintered 7-8 million tons), 15 million tons of demand in 2000 (pre sintered 18 million tons) "the Eighth Five Year Plan" period, China permanent ferrite total production has been gradually replaced "permanent magnetic kingdom" Japan, ranking first.
Preparation method of permanent magnet ferrite powder

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